Our Core Values

Our core values represent our highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces for our business. They are the heart of our organization and what we stand for.

  • Dependable

  • Ethical

  • Team Player

  • Do-er / Go-Getter

  • Member Driven

RxMart has developed an online marketplace

specifically designed to help independent pharmacies across the United States buy/sell non-controlled, non-expired overstock drugs for a specific patient's need. By combining innovative technologies with outstanding customer service, we created an online shopping experience that is revolutionizing the way community pharmacies minimize waste and increase profits. Our goal is to enhance patient care for independents and their communities by expanding their reach, unifying them with thousands of members, and saving them money.

  • Our nationwide members leverage RxMart to enhance operating efficiencies, minimize pharmaceutical waste, and generate additional cash flow from overstock and partial prescription medications.

  • As a market leader, RxMart is proud of the track record we’ve developed for safeguarding dispenser-to-dispenser transactions and providing accurate information about the pharmaceuticals transferred between dispensers.

  • We are confident that the flexibility of our system will be of great utility to regulatory agencies as the supply chain stakeholders move forward implementing the DSCSA.

  • We are committed to enhancing pharmaceutical supply chain security and stand ready to meet current and future compliance requirements.


We are proud to be recognized for our innovation, technology, and culture.

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